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Top Gear – Season 23 episode 2

So after a week of turbulent weather for Top Gear and BBC, we saw for the first time, a formation of an alliance, between the national newspapers and Top gear fans, with one common goal to rule them all.

That’s right, the nation shouted with common voice and asked Chris Evans, to stop shouting. Alas, did he listen? of course not. He was still loud and unfortunately got louder and louder as the hour dragged on. However I have to say that all was not bad and the second episode by far was better than the first.

Chris Evans started the show being lead into the vast empty halls of Top gear in a hospital bed and all was good. He was quite, and allowed Le Blanc (Joey for me and you) to actually  shine. I do like Le Blanc, he is becoming more comfortable in his own skin and given the opportunity, can easily run the show by himself. You can easily see the audience reactions to his jokes and comments, even my wife who dose not like cars and goes misty eyes every time I talk about cars, commented on this and told me “I only watch this because of Joey”, and I am wondering how many people actually agree with this.

Then Unfortunately, events went down hill and Mr Evans found his voice and all was not well. I am just wondering if some one, should remind him that screaming every time he drives actually is not cool and if Jeremy Clarkson did it, it dose not give Mr Evans an automatic licence to do as well. Also, while we are asking some poor unfortunate to mention number of items to Mr Evans, we should possibly add to the list that ignoring criticism / suggestions and actually doing the opposite, dose not increase popularity.

All was not bad, I actually enjoyed the African pub challenge and watching Jensen Button driving a McLaren F1 675 LT and found it refreshing to hear an actual professional talk about this amazing super car (more to come on this at later date).

If I may be bold and add yet another item to my ever increasing list of dislikes, I am not a great fan of the  new celebrity reasonable off the road track thingy, or what ever the hell it is called. Especially, I do not like the format of how it is introduced, it goes on and on and on and then I loose the will to live and then beg for it to be over and done with. I am not sure about the rest of you, but I really do not care what cars the celebrities have been driving previously, let alone if it’s better that another celebrity cars.

I think the all important viewer numbers will tell us more in the coming days and as we have four more episode in the current series, it is almost guarantees there will be more dramas, actions and even heartaches to come.

So what’s the verdict? The second episode was much better and entertaining than the first episode. Chris Evans is still loud and I believe he will be even louder in the next episode, which will be rather unfortunate. However I am looking forward to see the reaction of the media and fans over the coming weeks and looking forward to see the next episode with my finger firmly held above the mute button of my remote control.

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