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Top Gear – Reborn

topg1After many month of speculation,  rumors, dramas and uncertainty, the first episode of BBC Top Gear hit the TV screens, brandishing new presenters and promising to revitalize the franchise and with it came flurry of negative comments which to be perfectly honest we knew will follow.

“We don’t talk about catering on this show anymore.”

If there was any expectation  the new show would pull in Top Gear fanatics, that expectation died the moment Chris Evans opened his mouth. I am sorry to say that even though he is quite a show man, he was trying to hard to be his predecessor and I found myself  getting more annoyed by the minute listening to his voice and hurting my eyes looking at his fashion sense.

It got so bad that I suddenly realized I actually prefer to listen to Mr LeBlanc American accent if it meant that I don’t have to look or listen to him talk.

Then things got a bit better when Sabine Schmitz was unleashed behind the wheel of Corvette Z06 and was allowed to do what she dose best,  lose to Chris Evens.

You what? Stop the press. I bet You were not expecting that, were you?

OK so the enjoyment was short lived and the outcome of the drag race possibly slightly unbelievable but I do like her and will buy her pin up calendar if she ever shots one.

Mr LeBlanc, has a special place in peoples hearts and minds, as most of my generation and thanks to the never ending repeats of every episodes of “Friends”, also the next generation would basically know him as “Joey”.

I was rather disappointed not to hear him use his catch phrase from the show ” how you doin”, and found myself mentally forcing him to use it. Alas, he did not but pulled in a far better and convincing performance than the host himself.


Overall, the jokes were not funny, the script had nothing new, ignoring the fact they did add rally and dirt track to reasonably priced car routine which I did find interesting, unless the next five episode’s pulls something out of the magician hat, Amazon and the three musketeers have nothing to worry about and will get horde of subscribers willing to pay and watch the old masters at work.

Reaction from Twitter

I am getting mixed reviews From the social media, but on general, things don’t look so good.

There are few positive outcomes as well, it was good to hear the Top Gear anthem back on BBC and watch Stig do his stuff.

So the big question is, would I tune in and watch the next episodes? The answer is yes, I need to get my fix of cars until Amazon show hits the screens.


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