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Autonomous Technology Review


Samsung has unveiled DRVLINE, a hybrid software/hardware platform designed to allow car manufacturers to create a customised autonomous vehicles, in partnership with Harman which it acquired in early part of 2017.

There are many platforms in the current market which provide the same features, however most of those platforms are an all-or-nothing solution.

This is not such a bad thing, if you wish to adapt the entire package and forego customisation.

This is where Samsung walks in, with their platform. DRVLINE, allows each maker to customize individual components, building the vehicle to their specifications and need.


The first DRVLINE feature will include a camera with built in features such as, lane departure warnings, adaptive cruise control, collision warning and algorithms that can alert the drivers about pedestrians. Other technology products aimed at automotive industry includes the industry’s first 5G-ready antenna to allow for fast data connections. Additionally, with the Digital Cockpit paving the way to interact with the tech inside your car.

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