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Samsung Electronics unveils driverless car parts, infotainment platform

In a major push to gain foothold into the auto electric market, and buy out of Harman International, Samsung Electronics Co Ltd unveiled its first set of components for autonomous driving and infotainment solutions.

Samsung bought Harman in an estimated £6.7 billion ($8 billion) deal back in March 2017.

The buy out was the biggest overseas acquisition ever undertaken by a South Korean company.

This is not a surprise move from the electronic giant, the automotive industry is still one of the fastest-growing segments of the market, with almost bearish upward trend with carmakers looking to add more autonomous features into their upcoming models.

The race to put driverless cars on the road has become rather aggressive and Samsung wants in.

Las Vegas Trade Show

Samsung Electronics, saw the unveiling of number of features designed in collaboration with Harman International.

An automotive camera system featuring collision warning, lane-departure warning, and adaptive cruise control, where just some of the features on display.

Another feature showcased was a “digital cockpit” that enabled drivers to personalize the cabin, by pulling users’ profile from their mobile devices and cloud.

Taking into account, Samsung announcement highlighting set up of a strategic business division for autonomous and advanced driver assist services, coupled with a budget of around £300 million to invest in automotive start-ups and technology, shows Samsung strong commitment to the automotive segment.

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