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Jaguar Land Rover’s latest tech will help drivers avoid red lights

Who invented the automobile is a matter of opinion. If i had to be controversial, I would give credit to one inventor, Karl Benz – Germany. Many suggest that he created the first true automobile back in 1885/1886. Fast forward 150 years and move to the London- U.K. and the world’s first traffic lights were installed outside the Houses of Parliament. London currently has more 3500 traffic lights installed and recent study has shown a steady increase of 35% just in last few years.
The same study has also correlated the growth of traffic in London to this increase, which means drivers around London have spent millions of hours waiting for that under paid, overworked green man to wave them across our busy streets. There is light at the end of the tunnel and Jaguar Land Rover’s latest tech based around their autonomous vehicles might just be the answer to decrease the time we spend waiting on lights to change and also reduce traffic.

Introducing GLOSA

The Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory (GLOSA), allows the vehicle to “talk” to traffic lights and inform the driver the speed they should drive as they approach junctions or signals. The widespread implementation of the Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2X) technology should prevent drivers from accelerating or decelerating to beat the lights (we all done that) and improve air quality caused by harsh acceleration or braking near lights. The goal is for the V2X revolution to create free-flowing cities with fewer delays and less commuter stress.

GLOSA builds on the connected systems already available on the Jaguar F-PACE such as Adaptive Cruise Control. The F-PACE already packs a wide range of sophisticated Advanced Driver Assistance (ADAS) features. The connected technology trials are enhancing existing ADAS features by increasing the line of sight of a vehicle when it is connected via the internet to other vehicles (V2V) and infrastructure (V2X). GLOSA is being tested alongside features such as Intersection Collision Warning (ICW), which alerts the driver when it is unsafe to proceed at a junction. ICW informs drivers if other cars are approaching from adjoining road and can suggest the order in which cars should proceed at a junction. Jaguar Land Rover has also taken upon themselves to addressed time lost to searching for a parking space by providing real-time information of available spaces to drivers and further developed an Emergency Vehicle Warning (EVW) to alert motorists when a fire engine, police car or ambulance is approaching.

Oriol Quintana-Morales, Jaguar Land Rover Connected Technology Research Engineer, said: “This cutting-edge technology will radically reduce the time we waste at traffic lights. It has the potential to revolutionise driving by creating safe, free-flowing cities that take the stress out of commuting. Our research is motivated by the chance to make future journeys as comfortable and stress-free as possible for all our customers.” He further added: “From a technical point of view, we’re ready but the infrastructure required is not.”


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