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AIRSHROUD – Luxurious Car Cover


As I am getting older, it is becoming increasingly obvious to those unfortunate souls that have so far had a misfortune of knowing me, that I am becoming more neater and my dysfunctional OCD, has taken upon itself to be…, well functional.

I would like to report, that it has not by any means improved my flawed disposition, and therefore, I shall remain, my usual gloomy self and spread little sadness in everyone’s life.

However, this functional OCD is now demanding additional tidiness, which I suppose can be considered a norm, in some circles.

So, those with little versions of themselves running around will relate to this, the state of the car interior can some what be untidy, especially when viewed from the outside by those whom don’t have children.

Airshroud can help with that, by hiding the mess away from prying eyes. I agree this is not the primary function for this cover, but every little helps.

AirshroudUnlike your conventional boring dull green or grey covers, you can buy from amazon or other reputable vendors, AIRSHROUD was designed by people who actually had sense and taste in fashion. This is simply more than just a cover, it is car fashion. It’s luxurious, it is innovative and quite frankly, just marvelous.

So, yes you can go and buy those boring car covers and just cover your car, but why would you? when you can have one of these, tailored made to your car, just think of AIRSHROUD to be the hand made Italian suit you just ordered. You know after fitting, is going to be snug and fit better and makes you look good.


The Range

Whether you park on the road, off-road, your own personal hanger, AIRSHROUD has you covered, made from an exclusively formulated synthetic fabric, AIRSHROUD is incredibly light and thin.


The outdoor range is designed to protect your car from what ever adverse weather condition, your vehicle is exposed to. Heat protection, UV and cosmic ray (OK, I admit, last one is not in the brochure).

It’s waterproof, breathable, frost protection, scratch protection, durable, protection from environmental pollutants like tree sap, bird dropping and insects.

You are able to fully secure Airshroud to your car, even under windy conditions if both wheel frame buckle straps and bungee cord are used. Uncovering and storing is made easy with the AirShroud retraction system, so it’s hassle-free. Due to it’s tailored fit, your vehicle will stay looking great even while covered.


The Indoor range provides an extra layer of protection to keep it dust-free and protect it from light scratches.

Storing is made even easier with the AirShroud retraction system, which is accompanied with an exclusively designed AirShroud Trunk, designed to keep Airshroud nicely packed away whilst you are travelling.


Covering/Uncovering and storing is rather easy and hassle free with the AirShroud retraction system.

The storage unit (trunk) approximately weights around 3kg (add an additional 5.5 to 6 kg on top, depending on size of the cover). The unit Power sources is equipped with a Rechargeable Li-Ion battery, and a battery charger Both supplied with your purchase.

Charging time is Approx. 2 hours and 30 minutes (when using the supplied battery charger) and when the unit is completely flat. Battery life is very good, the full charge will provide Approx 25 – 30 times (each time consisting of one covering and one uncovering action) out of a single charge.

This will vary depending on frequency and how long it’s been used as li-ion batteries naturally discharge and also has its own lifespan.

One size doesn’t fit all…

We all come in different shapes and sizes, the same applies to our cars, some people are BMW fans, and some will shiver at the sight of Prius (OK, fine we have one thing in common the utter hatred of the ghastly looking Nissan Juke).

The wonderful designers of AIRSHROUD have taken this into consideration. The list below is just a guideline and not an exhaustive list for which Reveal cover is right for which vehicle.

Small Reveal Medium Reveal
Rule of thumb, small reveal cover size can encompass all vehicles from small sport cars to medium sized saloon/ convertibles/ estate vehicles This size cover is designed for large saloon/ convertibles/ estate vehicles and small SUVs/ Crossovers.
Dimension: 7.0M X 4.5M (LxW) Dimension: 7.5M X 4.5M (LxW)
Sample Car Examples: Aston Martin Vanquish Coupe, Aston Martin DB11 Audi A5 Sportback Sample Car Examples: Aston Martin Rapide S, Bentley Continental GT, BMW 5 Series Touring, Ferrari GTC4Lusso
Large Reveal Extra Large
Large reveal cover size for medium to very large and tall SUVs only. The extra large reveal cover for very large and long vehicles like the Rolls Royce.
Dimension: 7.5M X 5.0M (LxW) Dimension: 8.0M X 5.5M (LxW)
Sample Car Examples: Audi Q5, Audi Q7, Bentley Bentayga, BMW X3, BMW X4, BMW X5, BMW X7 Sample Car Examples: Audi A8 L, Bentley Flying Spur, Bentley Mulsanne, Jaguar XJ LWB

As mentioned earlier, the above are just some examples of Cars that AIRSHROUD can be used for, please visit the company Website for more information. I have included all the relevant information at the end of the article, just to make it easier for you.


You still have questions? As I’m sure you would do, so click this handy link…FAQ

Company Info

CONTACT INFO: 01702 742702


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