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Best MPVs money can buy

Yes, another three letter acronyms and yet another blog.

Multi Purpose Vehicles (MPV) became rather popular around the 80s, when the market was saturated heavily with hatchbacks and states.

The appeal for these cars is not really hard to miss, tall roof-line and raised seating, large gaping windows with space large enough for all of the family luggage, dogs and even possibly a Grand Piano.

Large doors made getting in and out easy, and those early morning school runs was made even easier for families with child seats. There was plenty of space inside as well and a great view out for those motorway games of i-spy.

The open cabin layout also made it easier for sleep deprived mums and dads to keep an eye on the kids sat in the back.

Many of the features now days taken for granted across the MPV and SUV ranges, were initially introduced in these earlier models. Once you look past the ungainly look, you are presented with a vehicle that is spacious and provided comfort.

Fast forward and now almost most family car manufacturers have an MPV on offering. That ungainly look we discussed is now almost gone, however times are changing and long gone are the days where number of people in a family exceeded more than four, so the future might not be as bright as the orange ad paints it out to be for MPVs.

From the three main categories of MPV currently available in the market, we are going to cover the Mini MPVs, since they offer more flexibility than their larger counterparts.

Top 5 List

1. Ford B-Max

sliding rear doors, means access is incredibly easy for rear passengers, making it a great choice for those with young children or reduced mobility. Let us not forget, Ford B-Max is based on a Fiesta, which means the drive is comfortable and the Ford people have included a good selection of equipment across the whole range to entice you even more.

2. BMW 2 Series Active Tourer

Another car where access for both driver and passengers are made easy, thanks to it’s wide opening doors.

The Active Tourer is actually not that cheap, but you do get value for money here.

The iDrive infotainment system is class-leading, and it has all sorts of connectivity options to accommodate your need. Both diesel and petrol engines offer great fuel economy to bolster it’s resume.

3. VW Golf SV

Let’s start by stating the facts here, the VW Golf is the best selling car in the U.K. You don’t believe that statement, well you should head down to my street and count the number of VWs you see parked all over the place, some even neatly without the front or rear wheels on the pavement.

High roof-line and slightly raised seating makes entry and exit effortless, with plenty of adjustment for the driver and a sliding/reclining bench seat in the back, too.

it also shares its high-quality cabin with the regular Golf, so quality and usability is guaranteed.

4. Mercedes B Class

Exceptional interior styling and somehow still surprisingly affordable, the B class is one of the most attractive examples of mini MPV on the market.

The equipment level are aplenty even on lower models. It’s also very easy to drive, with the optional seven-speed automatic gearbox feeling especially well suited to the car – both city and motorway driving is easy regardless of engine choice.

5. Honda Jazz

I know what some of you are thinking, what on earth Jazz is doing in this list.

Wide opening doors both front and back mean accessibility is great, add low running cost and high level of equipment, Honda has given you a nice little package.

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