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Aston Martin’s Le Mans Legacy: Pursuing Victory

Aston Martin is set to compete in the centenary edition of the iconic 24 Hours of Le Mans, aiming for an incredible 20th-class victory. With a record five Vantage GTEs participating and a rich racing heritage spanning 95 years, Aston Martin is ready to take on this historic endurance race. Get the details on their Le Mans legacy, the participating teams, and their quest for back-to-back wins.

Aston Martin’s Legacy: A Journey Through Time

Discover Aston Martin’s enduring connection to Le Mans, from its debut with the AM415 ‘Internationals’ in 1928 to its participation in 53 races, including the 2023 edition. With an illustrious racing history, Aston Martin has left an indelible mark on the iconic event. Learn about their victories, famous drivers, and their continuous pursuit of excellence.

24 Hours of LeMans LeMans, France 8-12th June 2022

Vantage GTE: The Most Successful GT Racing Car

Explore the remarkable Vantage GTE, Aston Martin Racing’s most successful GT racing car. With five Vantage GTEs competing in this year’s Le Mans, Aston Martin is vying for its third LMGTE Am class victory. Witness their pursuit of back-to-back wins, reminiscent of the GT1 class triumphs with the Aston Martin DBR9 in 2007 and 2008. Learn about the car’s exceptional performance and the teams driving it to glory.

Participating Teams: A Blend of Experience and Debutants

Discover the teams joining Aston Martin in their Le Mans campaign. Reigning world champions TF Sport bring two cars to the race, while the Heart of Racing team makes its Le Mans debut after a victorious run at the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona. Danish team GMB Motorsport and Japanese team D’station Racing also join the lineup, adding excitement and competition to the race. Get to know the drivers and their aspirations for Le Mans glory.

Aston Martin and Le Mans: A Historic Bond

From Aston Martin’s early victories in the 1930s to their recent successes in the WEC era, Le Mans holds a special place in Aston Martin’s racing legacy. Relive their triumphs and iconic moments at this legendary circuit. Discover how Aston Martin’s enduring presence at Le Mans has shaped its identity as one of the greatest GT manufacturers in the world.

Looking Ahead: Aston Martin’s Quest for Victory

Follow Aston Martin’s journey at the 24 Hours of Le Mans as they compete for their 20th-class victory. Witness the intense racing action, the dedication of the teams, and the pursuit of endurance glory. Stay tuned to the official WEC website and app for the latest updates and highlights from this historic event. Aston Martin is ready to make history once again at Le Mans.

The Enduring Legacy: Aston Martin and Le Mans

For over 95 years, Aston Martin has been intertwined with the historic 24 Hours of Le Mans race. As this iconic endurance classic celebrates its centenary edition, Aston Martin aims to secure its 20th-class victory. Join us as we delve into the rich history, the record-breaking Vantage GTEs, the participating teams, and the exciting race ahead. Discover the enduring bond between Aston Martin and Le Mans, and witness the pursuit of greatness on the legendary circuit.

Aston Martin’s Le Mans Journey: A Century of Racing Excellence

Step back in time and explore Aston Martin’s journey at Le Mans. Since their debut in 1928 with the AM415 ‘Internationals,’ Aston Martin has been a formidable force in endurance racing. With a legacy of victories and legendary drivers, they have left an indelible mark on the event. From their triumphs in the 1930s to their recent accomplishments, Aston Martin’s commitment to Le Mans is unparalleled.

Vantage GTE: Racing Dominance and Pursuit of Glory

Discover the Aston Martin Vantage GTE, the pinnacle of GT racing excellence. As the most successful GT racing car in Aston Martin’s history, the Vantage GTE seeks its third LMGTE Am class victory at Le Mans. With a record-breaking five Vantage GTEs on the track, Aston Martin is determined to make history once again. Unleash the power, precision, and performance of this remarkable machine.

2014 World Endurance Championship. Le Mans 24 Hours, France. 8th – 15th June 2014. Photo: Drew Gibson

Teams to Watch: Experience Meets Debutants

Get to know the teams competing alongside Aston Martin at Le Mans. Reigning world champions TF Sport, the debutant Heart of Racing team, Danish squad GMB Motorsport, and Japanese team D’station Racing all add their own flavour to the race. Witness the expertise of seasoned drivers and the passion of Le Mans newcomers as they strive for victory.

Aston Martin’s Le Mans Connection: From Triumph to Triumph

Trace Aston Martin’s Le Mans connection throughout the decades. From their dominance in the 1950s to their GT1 class victories in the 2000s, Aston Martin has consistently pushed the boundaries of performance and innovation. Relive the unforgettable moments, iconic wins, and the enduring spirit that defines Aston Martin’s enduring relationship with Le Mans.

2023 FIA World Endurance Championship Le Mans Test Le Mans, France 2nd – 4th June 2023 Photo: Jamey Price / Drew Gibson Photography

As Aston Martin embarks on its quest for the 20th class victory, the anticipation builds. Witness the drama, strategy, and sheer adrenaline of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Follow the race closely, from the official test to the final lap, as Aston Martin battles against fierce competition and relentless challenges. Join us in celebrating Aston Martin’s enduring legacy at Le Mans and witness motorsport history in the making.

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