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Škoda Auto’s Next-Generation Kodiaq: Premiering in Autumn 2023

The highly anticipated second-generation Kodiaq from Škoda Auto is on the horizon, poised to make its debut later this year. With production scheduled at the Kvasiny facility, Škoda Auto has made a significant investment of 12 million euros to adapt the production line, ensuring a seamless manufacturing process. This versatile SUV, offering up to seven seats, will also come in a plug-in hybrid version. Join us as we delve into the exciting developments surrounding the upcoming Kodiaq and its pivotal role in Škoda’s SUV campaign

Škoda Auto’s Dedication to Production Excellence

Led by Michael Oeljeklaus, Škoda Auto’s Board Member for Production and Logistics, preparations for the second-generation Kodiaq are already in full swing. Škoda is once again showcasing its adaptability by leveraging existing infrastructure and integrating new technologies. However, the task of modifying and future-proofing an operational assembly line presents significant technical and logistical challenges. Nevertheless, Škoda has successfully optimized its model production, creating additional capacity to meet the growing demand.

Adapting for the Future: Embracing Plug-in Hybrid Capability

Building upon the success of its predecessor, the new Kodiaq will be produced at the Kvasiny plant, sharing the production line with the Karoq, Superb, and Superb iV models. By early 2024, the new-generation Superb will begin production in Bratislava, enabling the production line to accommodate approximately 150,000 more units of the Kodiaq and Karoq SUVs annually

To address future requirements, Škoda Auto is investing around 12 million euros to convert the production line. This conversion includes the integration of existing technologies such as manipulators, chassis assembly, conveyors, and adaptations to robots for window-glue application. These enhancements will enable the assembly line to seamlessly produce the Kodiaq iV plug-in hybrid variant. With these improvements, Škoda aims to achieve a daily production capacity of up to 410 second-generation Kodiaqs.

The Anticipated Market Premiere

This autumn, Škoda Auto will unveil the second generation of its largest SUV, the Kodiaq. Following the premiere, the market launch is planned for 2024. The new Kodiaq will offer modern and efficient petrol and diesel engines, introducing a mild hybrid variant and a plug-in hybrid option for the first time. Škoda is determined to elevate Kodiaq’s safety, technology, and versatility, surpassing the success of its predecessor.

A Legacy of Success

Since its global debut on September 1, 2016, the Kodiaq has become a resounding success for Škoda Auto. With over 800,000 units manufactured across various plants worldwide, including the Czech Republic, Ukraine, China, India, and Russia until early 2022, the Kodiaq paved the way for Škoda’s triumphant SUV campaign. The Kodiaq’s captivating crystalline design language, spacious interior, and optional seven-seater configuration have garnered praise from customers and international trade magazines. With more than 40 international awards, the Kodiaq has become a beloved choice in global markets.


As the eagerly awaited second-generation Kodiaq prepares to make its entrance, Škoda Auto has meticulously ensured production excellence. The comprehensive adaptation of the Kvasiny production line, combined with the introduction of plug-in hybrid technology, demonstrates Škoda’s unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. With its market premiere set

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