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Dacia Duster

The word affordable comers to mind , every time I hear the name Dacia is mentioned.

Renault-owned Dacia has sold more than a million Dusters since 2010 and year-on-year sales are continuing to rise.

2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, saw the unveiling of the new Duster in its full glory.

The Cabin has been re-designed and now feels much more up market, which the previous version severely lacked. However this redesign, still ensures that Duster remains affordable.

In the inside the dashboard has also been uplifted, with the Sat-Nav system moved to the upper part.

The system now includes an optional multi-view camera for the first time. Other new equipment options available on a Dacia for the first time include blind spot warning, automatic air conditioning and automatic headlights.

The Duster now sports a wider front grille and wider headlights, the rear lights have been evicted to the corners.

The square-wheel-arch style of the previous versions has been retained, but now a new roof bars added.

Access, which is the base level, comes with a 1.6-Litre, and if you are a diesel lover, then you have to upgrade to mid-spec “Ambience”.

However even that upgrade won’t get you air-con or alloy wheel.

You want all those basics? Well, you will need to upgrade into “Laureate” range (who comes up with these names?).

Then again even this most dashing Duster of all still costs less than the skinniest Skoda Yeti.

The price starts from £8,700, which is cheaper than a Ford Fiesta, what else do you want for god sake.

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