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At The sign of Prancing Horse

The iconic Mustang has been part of my life, since early childhood when I sat behind a wheel of a 1966 Mustang Shelby.

Those memories have been with me throughout my teenage years and into adulthood.

I feel a special connection with this America muscle car, which is rather difficult to explain, but I bet this connection is felt by all of the other enthusiasts.

I was specially over joyed, with Ford announcement release of a right hand drive U.K Edition.

The upcoming 2018 European model comes with a fully tweaked engine, style, suspension, interior and exhaust. Everything a drooling power hungry Mustang enthusiast needs.

The Beating Heart

under the bonnet, Ford has tweaked both, 5.0 -litre V8 and the 2.3-Litre Eco-Boost engine. This means the V8 version also sees an increase in raw power output, boosted from 410 bhp to 444 bhp, which also sees an improved acceleration, and will do 0-60 in 4.8sec and top speed of 155mph.

The 2.3 Eco-Boost engine sees a downgrade to 286bhp from the current car’s 313bhp, to comply with the Euro 6.2 emission regulation.

All is not lost, with the presence of over-boost function, coupled with 10-speed automatic gearbox (available on both engines), Ford claims that acceleration and efficiency is improved.

Buyers can now choose between paddle shifters or stick to twin-disk clutch/dual mass flywheel six-speed manual gearbox.


A new 12.0in LCD instrument display, is the main attraction of the new interior design.

All other equipments have also been upgraded which includes LED lights as standard, cruise control, lane departure warning and lane keeping aid are also there to improve safety.

The people in Ford, after many deliberation and meetings have decided to include three additional driving modes.

So now, in addition to normal, sport, track and snow/wet, drivers can further choose Drag strip mode (fast Launch), Good Neighbour mode (lessens exhaust noise) and final My mode(allows you customise your own drive mode).

To top it all up, there is a new 19in alloy wheel design in three different finishes, and three new colours, shade of blue, orange and red.

Things just don’t stop there, with Ford’s SYNC 3 with Apple Car-play and Android technology, the infotainment is also upgraded.

The new advances in technology gives you intuitive voice Control, so now you can simply control number of key functions such as phone, audio, climate Control and sat nav by sound of your own voice.

Deliveries of the updated Mustang will commence in 2018; UK prices are expected be announced towards the end of the year.

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