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Top 3 Superhero vehicles of all time

In the olden days gone by, the routine of getting to work was rather simple. You woke up in the morning, or if you have little people running around causing absolute chaos, you were woken up; disheveled and your first thoughts were to get to that sweet dark rich nectar, us humans call coffee.
Then a quick shower and change to a suitable attire whilst trying to have a meaningful conversation with your better half and trying to remember if you have forgotten anything, she or he has asked you to do the previous night. You kiss goodbye the kids and partner and head to the front of the house, click that remote and get into your car and drive to work.
However; what happens, if you are a superhero with a secret identity? How would you get around? surely no one will take you seriously if you turn up at a scene, ready to fight crime in a Prius; or even worse, in an Uber. So superheroes over the years have come up with some ingenious methods of transport, whether it’s the X-Men Blackbird, Tean Titan T-Car or even the S.H.I.E.L.D HELICARRIER, these lean, mean crime fighting forces are able to get there in nick of time and save humanity once more from forces of evil.
So click that remote, glide into the driving seat and let’s take a look at top three most iconic vehicles, our heroes are using today.


At no.3, this needs little introduction, even thought there has been many ghost riders in the past, most of us would recognize Johnny Blaze. Johnny was an ex-motorcycle stuntman, before signing that dotted line, selling his soul to be imbued with the demonic powers of the Ghost Rider spirit. He shoots his hellfire-powered shotgun onto a nearby motorcycle, and behold, the legendary Hell Cycle is born.

Abilities: The Hell Cycle always leaves behind a fiery trail and can reach speeds which frankly is just, well supernatural. Its supernatural nature also allows Johnny to make incredibly sharp turns in a seconds notice. The Cycle is also bound to the Rider’s and will always follow and find Johnny.


At no.2 is possibly the most classic entry, Green Hornet’s Black Beauty . It is one of the first onscreen superhero vehicles that housed an array of awesome gadgets to aid both Green Hornet and his side kick Kato.

This car was designed around action and speed, which complimented Kato’s skill set perfectly. He knew better than anyone else how to push the car to its limits. Black Beauty had gadgets ranging from: rocket launchers, knock out gas, scanning devices, and enhanced vision through the “infra-green” lenses.


Are you really surprised? The Bat-mobile is by far the best, most recognizable, most iconic superhero vehicle to ever be created. No other vehicle has stimulated as much conversation and interest as the Caped Crusader’s Bat-mobile.

Whether it is the Animated Series version, Pre-Crisis version, or new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice model, each Bat-mobile inspires and portrays the cape crusaders attitude. The bat-mobile come’s jammed pack with latest gadgets, the multi billionaire Bruce Wayne needs to combat his enemies. The Bat-mobile has an on-board computer that is directly linked to the Bat-computer in the Bat-cave. The armour plated body of the Bat-mobile is extremely damage resistant with reinforced panelling. It also comes fully equipped with flamethrower, non-lethal rounds, remote-control capabilities, reinforced inflating tires, grappling hooks, tire spikes, ejector seats, and many more.

There are many more vehicles that allow our not so neighborhood friendly superheroes to fight crime, get the girl and ensure us, the normal citizens can rest easy at night. which one is your? let me know in the comment section below.

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