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Re-birth of an iconic name from Aston Martin

On the day of our lord 18th of April two thousand and eighteen, the miracle of resurrection was announced world wide, and this time God had nothing to do with it.

Well unless of course you believe, god moves in mysterious ways and some how has managed to influence this creation, then hallelujah, I am a believer.

DBS Superleggera

The iconic 1967 William Towns’ designed-model, was originally resurrected in 2007 to replace each of its existing two-door sportscar models as part of its Second Century Plan.

Let’s keep in mind, this new DBS is not the first of its kind to wear Superleggera badge, previous Aston’s such as DB4, 5 and 6 models benefited from the lightweight ‘Superleggera’ construction technique.

Aston Martin is keeping any performance stats for the DBS Superleggera close to their heart, however we expect a substantial power hike over the DB11 V12’s 600bhp.

Reading the fine prints and sniffing around the World Wide Web, you do catch the scent Aston Martin Superleggera moniker is more than just a name, extensive efforts have been made to keep the weight of the new car down.

As such, we expect carbon-fibre to be used to form body parts such as the bonnet, roof and boot, just as on the outgoing Vanquish S models.

Changes to the induction, exhaust, injection system with healthy topping of turbocharging and intercooling should easily bring the Superleggera close to a 700bhp power output.

If Such power increase is to be expected, then we should brace ourselves for head on collision with rivals such as Ferrari’s 488 GTB and McLaren’s 720S.

The Superleggera release date is currently set for the the second quarter of 2018, so keep your eyes and ears open for further updates.

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