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Learner drivers vs. motorways – All you need to know

I remember the daunting experience of driving on the motor way all those years ago, when I passed my test.

The pounding of my heart was deafening and every motorway sign seemed either to small to read or just passed by in flash of light, leaving me pondering if I had missed my turning.

I recall clearly, I was told to take additional motorway lessons to ease the frightening experience awaiting all new drivers, but with money being rather tight at the time, that opportunity passed me by.

That’s in the past and now learner drivers are allowed to take lessons on motorways, in a bid to improve road safety.

However, the change does not mean that any learner can drive on a motorway right away. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Learners must be accompanied by a qualified instructor

That’s right, no matter what your father says about how long he’s been driving or even your older brother sitting beside you, The rules mean that learners and driving in the motorway has to be done with an approved and qualified instructor.

Also, the vehicle used has to be equipped with dual controls – although the majority of driving instructors use cars fitted with two sets of pedals for safety anyway, but that means you can’t take your own car and sit the instructor beside you and head out for your first venture.

2. It’s not compulsory

It isn’t compulsory and It will not be included into your test. This is simply a measure introduced by DVSA (Driving and Vehicle Standards Authority) to allow learners to get further experience.

3. Driving instructors to assess if and when learners are fit to drive on motorways

You might think, you are the next best things that has happened to the world of driving after Michael Schumer, however your driving instructor will make the final call on when they feel their pupils are ready to drive on motorways.

4. The DVSA still recommends drivers do the Pass Plus

Pass Plus lessons are additional tuition for drivers once they have passed their test to help improve their basic skills. The DVSA says these sessions are a good way for new motorists to gain more experience driving in different conditions, which includes motorway driving as well.

5. The Highway code has changed

The Highway Code has been updated to accommodate this change, with rule 253 now stating that learner drivers are allowed on the motorway with an approved driving instructor in a dual control car.

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