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When I started writing few years ago, I simply wrote for pleasure and about any topics that took my fancy.

It was pleasure writing, not aimed at any particular group nor to be honest a new money making scheme to make me rich quick, so if you are looking for tips on how to become successful over night, look else where, as I am not rich nor as far as I know successful.

I am also not an idol worshiper, I take my inspiration from many different people and various groups, (i believe the correct term here would be sources) I have had a greatest pleasure to either meet in person or make contact via various social media platforms out there.

That doesn’t mean if I ever meet Jeremy, I won’t buy him a pint but the second is on him, as I am sure he can afford it.

The passion

That said, my rocky road of journalism has been inspired by the various programs and far more talented people than me, involved in creating amazing articles and TV shows.

Top gear, Fifth Gear, Grand Tour and that hellish Netflix show that shall remain truly unnamed, have provided a unique perspective, a new window shall we say in how to view the world of motor Journalism.

The man and the machine, they are the two side of the same coin. One can’t exist without the other.

one cannot exist without the other. In my humble opinion, that’s where some of us and myself have strayed.

The mechanical beast will only be as exciting with the right person sitting behind the wheel (I am fully ever, nobody will ever make the ghastly Nissan Juke exciting).

The Drive

You need to be driven to succeed in this profession. Journalists are some of the most business minded people I know, and that’s my drive.

At the beginning, there’s is a lot of rejection, most companies won’t even talk to you, won’t even give you the time of a day you need to show then what you can or won’t do.

I believe journalism, especially motor journalism is one of the most competitive profession in the market.

Just to let you know, they still won’t talk to me, and most forums out there won’t help either.

In majority of cases, these forums are camps for trollers (correct terms would be trolls), or flamers.

It is very rare to find a forum where you can just relax and comment about your opinion, without someone ripping into you and dragging you down.


When it was started, I have to say I was a bit dubious about the whole premise. I was counting the days to see how long it would actually take before it was dragged down and destroyed by our flawed mentality and the need to feed our obese self importance.

This poor wanna be journalist is happy to report, I am still counting and I wish to continue counting until the day I retire or walk away.

It is still competitive, but the trollers and flamers are missing. That by itself is a great win.

you get to read great reviews and articles and you don’t have to even pay for it.

Come on, what else do you want? I just gave you three damn good reasons to be involved.

It’s not enough? You still have doubts? Well how about, the uniqueness of DRIVETRIBE is that it’s not all about cars. You get all sorts here, although as far as I know, no one has started a tribe about Camels as yet.

if you are already taking part and reading this, well I don’t need to convince you, but if you have just googled and got to read this article by accidentally clicking the link, hope I have done enough to make you come over and join us.

Oh, one final update, The guys at DRIVETRIBE, have just announced that they will select people with actual writing talent (counts me out, I know) to join the MoneyBox scheme.

So if you want to know more about the MoneyBox scheme or if you have a unique view and hobby, take the plunge and join us.

So now, what’s stopping you?

Oh, btw once you are there, look me up. I have one tribe which you are most welcome to join.

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