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Bugatti Chiron and The Flying Doctors

So, you have splashed out on a brand new Chiron.

Then you fall into one of these categories:

  • You have serious amount of cash to splash out.
  • You already have a boat which is bigger than few football pitches.
  • You have just won big on National Lottery and want to achieve your dream.

No matter which of the above categories you fall into, You would expect certain amount of service for the cash you have just splashed out.

Don’t worry, the Flying Doctors are at hand to assist even when you have no idea if something is wrong.

Black Box

Every Bugatti Chiron has a little unpainted aluminium box (OK, so it’s not black).. This little box is the brain that records all sorts of vehicle data and transmits it to Bugatti’s headquarters in France, where a “Flying Doctor” is on call to help if there’s something wrong with the car.

Now that’s service.

Bugatti’s three Flying Doctors are each assigned to geographical region

  • Europe/Russia
  • Middle East/Asia Pacific
  • North America.

They’re always ready to get on the next flight to assist with technical issues whether the customer is actually aware there is an issue.

Not satisfied with this service? Really? You can take your Bugatti to the dealer for regular servicing, if waiting for some one flying half across the world to help you, ain’t what is cracked up to be.

Techie Info

Veyron used a telemetry-recording system, but the system in the Chiron is far more advanced.

It can monitor 10,000 different parameters in real time. If an issue is detected, one of the Flying Doctors gets a text message.

Bugatti is not the only supercar maker that offers this level of service. The concept was originally invented by McLaren, and I have been informed, that Koenigsegg, also monitors certain parameters on their cars.

Bugatti answer to this challenge is a rather simple one, they believe no other automaker offers such advanced real-time telemetry like the one on Chiron in a road car.

This level of customer support may be unlike any other road car, but you would expect that for the Chiron.

And hey, when you’re spending more than £2 million on a car, you expect good service, right? Unless you are that guy, that thinks waiting for the Flying Doctor is not what’s all cracked up to be.

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