Twinv8turbo is pleased to welcome advertising opportunities to the website. We have several options available for advertising, but are happy to consider alternatives if you have any suggestions.

Advertising with us will represents an excellent opportunity to present your message to a car buying audience and enthusiasts.

We currently only except electronic transfer payments, but are also in process of setting up our PayPal account. Once this is set we will be happy to except payment and will not charge a surcharge for paying by PayPal if amount is paid in GBP. Please also note that payment terms are strictly 7 days.

Twinv8turbo welcomes well-written posts and infographics from advertisers.

However, these will be clearly identified at the top of the page with the line “This article is brought to you by [advertiser’s name]”.

This is not negotiable, all content is copyrighted to advertiser and Twinv8turbo will not be liable for any inaccuracies..

Sponsored posts are priced at £120 if the client is providing all copy and images, and £220 if we are providing content and images.

Discounts for multiple posts are available if the entire amount is paid upfront. We strictly limit the number of sponsored posts that are published each month. Articles will remain live for a minimum of 12 months.

Twinv8turbo will not place/add or change any links in any blog articles for advertisers unless they are submitted as sponsored posts and clearly identified as such.

Please include all content and pictures/graphics when submitting your article. Article submissions which do not include pictures or graphics will inevitably take longer to post.

Images should be high-resolution and in as large a size as you have available, to allow the website editor to crop and resize accordingly.

All articles need to meet our editorial standards.

Please clearly state who you are working for and which client(s) you are representing in your post request.

Sponsored posts are kept live on the site for 12 months, after which time they may be removed, altered or repurposed at the discretion of Twinv8turbo.

Banner advertisements

All posts and pages on have at least three advertisement banners – some page will have more, depending on the size of the article.

Most of these banners are available for exclusive purchase. Advertisers are welcome to update the banner content as often as they like during the term of their agreement.

Product or service reviews

We welcome the opportunity to review any Products/services Please contact us on:

Bespoke advertising opportunities

Twinv8turbo LTD welcomes ideas for bespoke advertising opportunities, such as particular features or projects. Please contact us on: so we can discuss your idea in details.

For any further questions or to an advertisement enquiry on Please contact us on: