About Me

Hi. I am Keyvan R Ahmadi. I write. I drive and above all I try my hardest to be a good father and a good husband.

I was born in the vibrant city of Tehran, the capital city of the greatest country on Earth – Iran. However I do not live there and I now call London home. For past 8 years, I have worked in Finance industry as a business analyst, a profession which I still pursue, but my passion has always been cars. The blame for this passion and all the hours invested on it, squarely lies on the shoulders of programs such as Top Gear and Fifth Gear and let us not forget the new Amazon show The Grand Tour – Teaser Trailer included here.

The dream is a rather simple one, but a dream which takes not only guts but also will require breaking into an industry which is already saturated to its limit. But, I always liked a challenge and as the old saying goes, Fortune favours the bold, so idea of “TwinV8Turbo” was born out of that dream.

The Idea behind TwinV8Turbo has and always will be to collect and make available the latest news from around the world digitally at your fingertip in Farsi and English, irrespective of your geographical location. I will use all the power of social media and web technology to achieve this.

In the past two month, the twitter account was set up with automated news feed, which so far has attracted over 2000 followers with the number of subscribers increasing on daily basis. The blog site “TwinV8Turbo.com is now also up and running, with an aim of writing a blog a week.

2016 will be the year where I will spend the time spreading the name and solidifying presence and with the up-coming website and bi-weekly podcasts in Farsi and English by Q4 this year, will bring 2016 to a successful close.

2017 and beyond will be bumpy and paved with uncertainty, but with this uncertainty comes excitement and new adventures.

I will be there and I hope you will join me on this journey.

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