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2018 Renault Megane RS

Let me start by saying that I don’t usually write reviews about hot hatchbacks, but my newly appointed marketing manager, has been bombarding me with so many hints and complaints, some how most of them found their way into my recycle bin (after all, god does work in mysterious ways), he has now resorted to camping my doorstep to get his own way.

So, I have decided my sanity and size of inbox are far more important than my principles.

So here it is, my first ever hot hatchback review and if you like to get his personal number to tell him exactly what you think of him, just leave a comment below. I am sure he will be static to hear from you.

Renault Megan RS

The Megan RS is powered by a 1.8-litre engine producing 276bhp and 288lb ft – and since it’s direct competition include Honda Civic Type R, acclaimed Ford Focus RS and the new Seat Leon Cupra R, according to my research, all of which are hitting the 300 bhp mark, Megan RS is already loosing the battle.

So why would you get one?

To start with, the crazy people at Renault, have decided to fit the Megan RS with a four wheel drive system, which simply means a 2.7 degree turn on the rear wheels, improving the Megan RS turning radius at low speeds.

This also means a greater stability at higher speed and improved agility. Now with added stability, you do get a better steering response.

The Megan RS will hit 0-62 around 6seconds, with peak torque available from 2400-5000 rpm. Peak power comes galloping in at 6000rpm. This sort of acceleration should put Megan RS on par with its main rivals.

The engine is the same 1798cc aluminium unit used in the new Alphine sports car, which has also been upgraded with new turbo, to provide that additional power.

The Megan RS will be available in either Sport or Cup chassis and an automatic EDC gearbox or a six speed manual.

The sport chassis will be on sale with an 18-inch profile wheels and the Cup chassis with an 19-inch wheel profile.

The Cup will house a mechanical limited-slip differential to transfer power between the wheels, while the sport chassis will use an electronic system to employ the brakes.

No matter which chassis you go for, you will get the same four driving modes, Comfort, Normal, Sport and Race. Choose Race mode on the Cup model and that will switch off the Stability Control System and at high speed, will provide you adequate reason to scream at top of your voice whilst peeing your pants.

In the exterior, you do get a flashy new badge and the new central exhaust out-let signifies the sporty inspired look.

In those rare instances, where you get tired of hearing your own scream or other half nagging, you can pump the noise of the exhaust into the cabin, to get that added extra turbocharge noise we all love.

Sales of the Mégane RS will begin in spring, with pricing expected to begin around £30,000.

As usual any comments about this article is much appropriate, so let us know what you think.

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